Gary Stevens

I love the Back on Track knee brace. It has put my knees back on track for sure and it has improved my range of motion by at least 20%." Gary is an American jockey with many wins, such as 3 times Kentucky Derby, 2 times Preakness Stakes and 3 times Belmont Stakes.

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Monty Roberts

As it turns out I have come to often test the products I endorse on myself before I recommend them for horses. Wherever appropriate I want to know how products affect me and what the likely correlation is between human and horse for the product involved.

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Renowned horse gentler and New York Times bestselling author

Bettina Hoy

I am very impressed with the effectiveness of the Back on Track products, both on my horses and myself. My horses seem more relaxed and happy within themselves since using the rugs and leg wraps.

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Michael & William Whitaker

“Bloody good! Thatʼs it in a nutshell if ever queried about Back on Track. Iʼve had great success treating various ailments with these products, and believe me, Iʼve tried all sorts of remedies on my horses over the years. The results are obvious… end of story.

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Louise Raine

In August 2007 myBorder Collie Luna aged 5 yrs (Lunarlite My Fire) damaged her shoulder whilst competing in an agility competition. Luna jumped a jump and caught the wing, as the next obstacle required a pull through and the wing landed on her shoulder.

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UK Agility Trainer and Instructor.

Jenny Damm

“Agility is a physically demanding canine sport and knowledge is growing each day as to how we should take care of our dogs in the best possible way. I am responsible for my dogs’ wellbeing so that they have the best chance of performing as well as possible in competition.

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