Gary Stevens

I love the Back on Track knee brace. It has put my knees back on track for sure and it has improved my range of motion by at least 20%." Gary is an American jockey with many wins, such as 3 times Kentucky Derby, 2 times Preakness Stakes and 3 times Belmont Stakes.

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Susanne Persson

I have a whiplash injury, and have had much difficulty sleeping as a result of the pain. A few years ago, I started to use the pillow from Back on Track. On the very first evening, I fell asleep within five minutes … and slept the whole night through! It was fantastic to wake...

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Anne Kursinski

Like many other horse people, we’ve been using poultice after hard workouts and competition. However, after trying Back on Track leg wraps and ’sore no more’ liniment, our years of using poultice are over.

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Olympic rider

Laura Renwick

Since using the stable rug and leg wraps on a regular basis on my international horses i have noticed much more suppleness when working them and a general feeling of well being from the minute they leave the...

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Louise Raine

In August 2007 myBorder Collie Luna aged 5 yrs (Lunarlite My Fire) damaged her shoulder whilst competing in an agility competition. Luna jumped a jump and caught the wing, as the next obstacle required a pull through and the wing landed on her shoulder.

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UK Agility Trainer and Instructor.

Minna Turunen

”I am very pleased with Back on Track’s greyhound dog rug.” “We have used Back on Track’s greyhound dog rug for a while, mainly for our male dog. I was surprised to discover that one may also use the rug indoors for dogs with a summer fleece.

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owner of dogs Jaguarseejunior and Arrival. Jaguarseejunior made 13 starts of which 12 were victories