Martin Parnell

During Marathon Quest 250 I have worn Back On Track clothing as my number one recovery option. I'm running up to 6 marathons in a row per week, and I need fast recovery to allow me to complete 250 Marathons in 1 year. This is one product every athlete should have! www.

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Marathon Quest 250

Kaillie Humphries

As for the product, I thought that is was good. I for sure noticed a difference in how my body felt after I had the tights on during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. I did notice a difference in my body during the Warm up when I had the tights on.

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Gold Medal Olympic Athlete

Michael & William Whitaker

Bloody good! Thatʼs it in a nutshell if ever queried about Back on Track. Iʼve had great success treating various ailments with these products, and believe me, Iʼve tried all sorts of remedies on my horses over the years. The results are obvious… end of story.

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Dale Clearwater

Dale Clearwater along with his wife Teri and Sons Caleb and Westin own and operate Justabouta Ranch. Along with all the ranching duties Dale is a professional Reined Cow Horse and Cutting Horse trainer.

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Cow Horse Trainer

Dante Comacho

I have been using the Back on Track coats on my dogs for over a year now but from the very beginning the results have been fantastic. My dogs perform in high impact dog sports like agility, flyball and dock diving but also in freestyle where even though the impact is not so...

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Dog Trainer

Sheena Stark and Bosco

Dear Back On Track How are you?? We had a great time at the World Championships. Bosco finished in the top 10, only missing the cut for finals by a few inches. We traveled to Vermont for the National Championships in October and Bosco finished in 6th place in EV and 9th place in...

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#1 Regional EV Team in the World