Dante Comancho


Back On Track caught up with our sponsored Dog Trainer.... This summer myself and the dogs will be quite busy. On the first weekend of June we will be competing at the Alberta Regionals Agility Championships in Medicine Hat, Becky and I will be running 3 dogs in total and we hope to do well. Two days after the most important agility competition in the province I will be heading down to Brazil for 20 days, will teach three seminars and bring an order of Back on Track rugs for our South American friends, it should be an exciting time. In the end of June as I return from Brazil, I will stop over in TO and hold a one day audition for Superdogs, we will be looking for new talents to be joining our show this summer, still in June I will be visiting Indianapolis IN also for auditions since we will be performing there at the Indiana State Fair for 17 days straight in the month of August. Before going back to Calgary, one more audition, now in Vancouver on the 1st of July. There won't be much time to rest before we go into our show at the Calgary Stampede, it will be intense with 4 performances every day of the fair and about 80 thousand people coming to see the shows. As I had mentioned, in August me and the dogs head down to Indiana and perform at the Indiana State Fair, from there we go to TO where the CNE will already have started and we join the Superdogs team for another two weeks of shows, ending on the 3rd of September. After all that we will drive back home and get our deserved rest. But wait! I forgot to mention that on May 26th the town of Olds AB waits for us, we teach the last of a 5 Regionals Prep Agility seminars and on July 21st we will be in Dalmede AB to teach another agility seminar. I am grateful to Back on track for it's products, traveling so much and performing so intensely is really demanding and being able to rely on the dog and human products gives me more confidence that we will get through this busy summer without injuries and at the top of our game. Dante Camacho

Team Canada Agility Championships

I just wanted to send you and your team at Back on Track a quick email thanking you for your ongoing support of Team Canada at the IFCS world agility championships. Recess and I had a fantastic time and we are extremely grateful for your help in making our dreams a reality. Recess loved her mesh dog rug - it was perfect for the warmer temperatures in Texas and she slept every night on her No Bow wrap (i.e., bed). I had never tried a BOT t-shirt before this weekend, but I have to say I was truly impressed and I'll be looking to wear it again in the future. With your help, Recess & I won a bronze medal in the Biathlon Event. I put together a little video of our bronze medal runs - I thought you and the rest of your team might be interested in taking a peak.-Kim Cullen Thank you again for sponsoring the 2012 AAC Canadian Agility Team! We just got back from Texas on Tuesday night after a very successful World Championships. The Canadian Team came 2nd overall in the medals with a combined total of 24! 8 of those medals were GOLD, 5 SILVER and 11 BRONZE. The dogs travelled in luxury on their Back on Track No Bow wraps that were used as dog beds. On Thursday the Team wore our Back on Track t-shirts and everyone loved them. Of course the dogs used their mesh rugs to keep them healthy between runs. It was very cold in the arena so they also helped to keep the muscles warm. I took a couple of pictures in case you wanted to add them to your website. Tiffany Salmon (wearing our team shirt with the Back on Track website on it) and TNT Rio - 2 times Bronze Medalists 2012. Your sponsorship is appreciated by all the Team Members, including the dogs! We couldn't have done it without the help of Back on Track. Shona Thirsk 2012 AAC Canadian Agility Team

Im writing to personally thank you for your contribution to my success this weekend at the IFCS World Championships in Texas! Our team as a whole did exceptionally well and I myself and my dog Favor won two GOLD medals! One for the final individual jumping class which gave us the Overall Gold for 16" a cumulative class of 4 events. I have been using your product for about 3 years now. I have owned the neck cover for about two years and used it throughout this event along with the BOT competition T-shirt we were provided for this years event. I have owned a bed for Favor's crate for about 2 years and she used it and her 2010 World Team Rug exclusively for all my events until I received this years mesh rug. I no longer know which is my favourite! I utilize both a canine chiropractor and body work specialist at these events, Dr. Leslie Woodcock and Carol Smorch were thrilled with Favor's response to their work and the use of your product in holding their adjustments. -Lynda Orton-Hill

New Sponsored Rider!

BoT Testimonial from Dale Clearwater

Dale Clearwater along with his wife Teri and Sons Caleb and Westin own and operate Justabouta Ranch. Along with all the ranching duties Dale is a professional Reined Cow Horse and Cutting Horse trainer. In 2011 Dale was a National Reined Cow Horse Association top 30 money earning rider. He has many championships locally as well as internationally, including Canadian Supreme, ARCHA, SRCHA, & IRCHA aged events.
Both the Reined Cow Horse and Cutting events are physically demanding sports. At Justabouta Ranch we do everything that we can to ensure that our horses are conditioned, fit and show ready. Back On Track has fit very well into our maintenance program. The horses all have taken a liking to the products, especially the fleece cooler, hock boots, and leg wraps. We feel that injury provention is key and we feel that these products are playing their part.
We have also used the products ourselves and you can feel the difference when you are wearing the products. We all have shirts that we wear regularily and after a good workout, the horse leg wraps feel great on our own legs!

At the January Edmonton Pet Expo!

BoT with dog trainer Dante

BoT spent some time with our sponsored dog trainer Dante Comancho. We had a lot of fun being introduced to his herd of dogs, and checking out their agility moves in his back yard.

Heartland Opening in Okotoks

BoT was in Okotoks for the Grand Opening of Heartland Saddlery. Check them out!

Red Deer Supreme

BoT was in Red Deer visiting our stores who were there, and cheering on our office manager Lucy Streeter who had the second high score of the show with a 146 in the cutting arena. A lot of fun! We missed getting photos of Lucy, but we got a few photos of the show.....

Can Am Show

BoT was at the Spruce Meadows Can Am Show in Calgary. Thanks to everyone for coming out and looking at our new products!!

Ian Millar on BoT

September 5th

BoT employee Tobi had a great time riding horses with friends in the beautiful Ya Ha Tinda.

"After deciding to load up the horses, pack the tent, and grab some wine, I met a few friends in the beautiful camp grounds of Ya Ha Tinda. For those who are unfamiliar with Ya Ha, it is known as one of the premier horseback riding destinations in AB. I took a 6yr old gelding who was a little out of shape for this type of work, so I loaded up all my BoT items, and ice boots, and headed out. The days were amazing! Water falls, wonderful 360 panoramas, open meadows, and steep single track trails that were not benched in. My gelding 'Pine' wore our rain sheet every night (some nights were frosty and cool), and after some cold therapy he wore our leg wraps for the eve. During the day he wore our thin western saddle pad under his normal pad, and I know it made a big difference. I shared some of my products with the other horses there and they had some great reviews for the product. Things were said like "my horse feels a lot better going down the steeps then usual", or "my horse falls asleep in your product, and wakes up with a lot of energy and free movement" or "did you see my horse bucking and playing on the highline with your blanket on". A lot of cool reviews and great rides. Check out some of the photos" -Tobi

August 20/11

Back On Track was invited to go ride some dowhill bikes with some invermere locals, and Trail Crew Design ( We were up high in the mountains, a great time to test out long sleeve shirts, as well as our wrist braces (good for some forearm pump). The nights were cold, and the hikes long..making our long johns, socks, and shirts a welcome to sleep and recover in. Along for the hike were Trail Crew Design Dogs 'Happy' and 'Simba', it turns out that Simba, loves our products, moving much better when having spent some time in our product! Enjoy the photos! The last couple of shots were from Kicking Horse, in Golden.

AAC National Championship winner Emma

Attached is a photo from the AAC Agility National Championships last weekend... This is Emma, my Canadian National Champion! She is an 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog. We finished in 1st place in the 10" DD Veterans division. The winners seemed quite thrilled with your donation of mesh rugs for the 1st place dogs!

Running for Memories

Running for Memories. Follow Becky Swan, as she runs in memory of her Grandma to raise donations for Alzheimers Awareness. We sponsored Becky clothing to wear as she runs a 6 day race covering 120 miles! Follow Beckys blog as she uses our product. Becky is also an Athletic Therapist. Good job Becky! We wish you luck.

August 1/11

Back On Track was at Eversfield Stables today. We were using their gorgeous jumpers as models for our products! Thanks to David and Glyniss Barnes!

July 30/11

Back On Track sponsored an amazing event in Edmonton, along with Alberta Dock Dogs Association, and the Edmonton Humane Society. We saw many different breeds of dogs, all ages, and all sizes. Handlers of all levels were invited to practice in between the "Wake" classes. Check out some photos from the day!

July 29/11

Back On Track had an exciting day with our Office Manager Lucy Streeter and her QH mare Pepto. They are modelling our products for our video demos of how our products look on horses and move. What a great job guys, thanks!

July 27/2011

BoT employee Tobi gave us photos of her two horses playing with the products. Two happy campers! "My off the track Thoroughbred ran till he was 7, and came off the track not completely sound. Our products have greatly helped his ankles, and an old suspensory injury. It's hard not to love our products!! My buckskin mare loves to buck when she is playing, and our products help keep her legs tight. I'm Sold!" - Tobi McLeod

July 17/2011

The Calgary Stampede was a busy busy time for BoT (Back On Track). We had a lot of our sponsored riders competing at one of the worlds largest events! Check out some of the photo stories! Our Sport Therapy Retailer, Alpine Sport Therapy Centre came for an evening of BoT Calgary Stampede! Along the journey they met Mantracker, watched the wagons races from the chutes, and looked after our BoT Calgary Stampede Ranch Horse Skip. Thanks for coming girls! Hopefully next year we can get your whole crew out!

July 16/2011

BoT had a lot of fun working with Wade and Gary Rempel, the Pick Up Men for the Calgary Stampede. Wade and Gary both used our exercise boots on a daily basis, and made use of our mesh rug and royal quick wraps. Lets not forget about the human products though! Both guys are sporting our gear from our knee braces with strap, to back braces and shirts, to bedding! We are excited to have them on board! If you see them at your local rodeos, say hi!

July 15/2011

BoT also had a lot of fun with our Chuckwagon driver Hugh Sinclair. We were able to see how he works with and treats his horses on a daily basis and were very impressed with how every horse in his barn is treated as part of the family. All the horsres running got ice boots and our royal quick wraps, as well as our mesh rugs pre and post race. We were able to gain a little more understanding and appreciation to the job this team does. All the horses are off the track, and a lot of them would be horses that had bleak outlooks at a lifestyle as a pasture ornament. Each horse was vet checked on a regular basis, and monitored by Dr. Greg Evans of Moore and Company Vet Clinic. You would regularly have a hard time finding Hughie, until you started looking in the stalls. Hughie can tell you a story about any of the horses in his barn, their characters, likes and dislikes. They really love their animals. What a great team he has working with him. 

July 14/2011

Our three sponsored BoT riders/drivers! Hugh Sinclair with Wade and Gary Rempel!

July 6/2011

Back On Track just received this photo from members of our sponsored Chuckwagon Driver, Hugh Sinclair Racing Team. Rob and Colleen were so impressed with how our product worked on people and the horses that they are now using our blanket on their lovely dog Valentine. We look forward to hearing what Valentine thinks!

July 5/2011

We are looking forward to the beginning of the Calgary Stampede! Look for us and our products on numerous horses, and sponsoring some events! The rodeo pick up men, Wade and Gary Rempel will be using our products everyday, our Chuckwagon driver Hugh Sinclair will be competing, and we will be involved in the cowhorse events, team penning, and cutting classes. Come say Hi! Also, follow us on our Face Book page (Back On Track Welltex)

July 4/2011

Back On Track just got back from the NRHA reining Derby in Oklahoma! It was a scortching 40 celcius...but lots of AC in the buildings and cab rides. We caught up with our sponsored riders to see how they are using our product. Back On Track sponsors Million Dollar riders Tim McQuay, Tom McCutcheon, cowhorse and reining trainer Todd Bergen, and we had the chance to talk with Dell Hendricks about sending him some products. We had great feedback from our trainers about how they use the product and the results they see in their horses. Stay tuned for more info! Also, join our Face Book page! Our name is Back On Track Welltex. Join in on our conversations!